mamou of ohio

cajun recipes from an ohio native of mennonite extraction

My interest is Cajun cuisine began in 2000 after a reading a gumbo recipe on on the still fledgling internet. Things were rocky at first, but I was able to perfect my recipe after a couple months of experiments.

These recipes are listed with an eye toward traditional Cajun cuisine as opposed to Creole cuisine. The will be noticeable with the near absence of tomatoes which, though popular in New Orleans and points north, are awful hard to come by in the bayou.

Also, it's a small thing but an important one. Cajun food is cooked in pots and pans on a stove or over a fire. No ovens!

I should also say that I have a seafood allergy, so all the shrimp and crawfish that is so famous in Cajun cuisine will only be peripherally explored here. But by all means throw that shit in there if the mood strikes you!

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